NASA Goddard Cryogenics Group, Picture Descriptions for SHOOT Photos

On the Crawler

This photo shows Shuttle Endeavour on the crawler. The crawler is the huge tracked vehicle that carries the Shuttle, mated to the solid rocket boosters and external tank, out to the launch pad. Although it is huge (compared to the vehicles most of us experience daily), it looks small when compared to the shuttle.

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Shuttle Cargo Bay

This is a shot looking down the length of the cargo bay from above. It was taken while the Shuttle was being prepared for flight, before the cargo bay doors were closed. When the photo was taken, the Payload Bay was mostly empty. The only objects visible in the bay are a holder for the "Getaway Special" cans, the SHOOT dewars, and one other payload inside a shroud.

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SHOOT in the Cargo Bay

Like the previous photo, this shows a part of the Shuttle payload bay before the doors were closed. This picture shows only the 2 SHOOT dewars in their mounting. The dewars appear as 2 lumpy objects wrapped in some sort of white covering. They are short cylinders, with conical ends. A short, flat object connects the 2 conical ends. On the object is the SHOOT patch, featuring a polar bear and the Shuttle Orbiter, with the stars of the Little Dipper in the background.

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This photo shows Shuttle Endeavour lifting off. It is not yet clear of the tower, but there's already lots of white smoke billowing around. The flames from the solid rocket boosters are visible, extending from the nozzles down to the launch pad (a distance almost as long as the orbiter Endeavour itself.)

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