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Photos of SHOOT and Space Shuttle Endeavour

Space Shuttle Endeavour on the Crawler

The Space Shuttle Endeavour rides the crawler out to the launch pad. The crawler is a huge vehicle that carries the Shuttle from the assembly building (where the orbiter is mated to the solid rocket boosters and the external tank) to the launch pad. The crawler runs on tracks, like the tracks on a bulldozer or tank, but much larger.

Shuttle Endeavour on the crawler D

Shuttle Cargo Bay

This shot shows the Shuttle cargo bay, mostly empty. SHOOT is in there, almost at the end.

Shuttle cargo bay D

SHOOT in the Shuttle Cargo Bay

This shot looks down at the SHOOT dewars, sitting side by side in the Shuttle cargo bay. The dewars are the two objects that are roughly the shape of cylinders with cone-shaped ends in the center of the picture. They're completely covered in white protective blankets, so it's hard to make out their shape. Joining the pointed ends is a flat piece, also white, with the SHOOT emblem. (The SHOOT emblem is the dark round patch. It's hard to make out the details on this picture, so we have a larger version on our main SHOOT page.)

SHOOT payload in the Shuttle cargo bay. D

Endeavour Lifts Off on Mission STS57

Shuttle liftoff D

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