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Our mailing address is:
Cryogenics and Fluids Branch
Code 552
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt MD 20771

The rest of this page contains lists of people to contact on specific topics, followed by a list of phone and email contact information for those people. The head of the Cryogenics and Fluids Branch is Dr. Eric A. Silk.

The list of topics and people is next followed by the table of email addresses and phone numbers.

Subject List

Topics and People

Subject Contact Person
working with outside groups
Primary contact Eric A. Silk
Secondary contact Erik Silk


Flight Project Support Eric A. Silk
Instrument Technologies Eric A. Silk
System Analysis Mike DiPirro
System Assembly Eric A. Silk


System Test Eric A. Silk
Test Dewars:
Performance, Vibration
Eric A. Silk
Materials Tests Eric A. Silk


Infrared Bolometers Peter Shirron
X-Ray Calorimeters Peter Shirron
Thermometers Mike DiPirro
Superconducting Quantum
Interference Devices ( SQUID's)
Peter Shirron
Heat Switch Mike DiPirro
High Temperature
Superconducting Leads
Eric A. Silk
Low Current
Superconducting Magnet
Eric A. Silk
Other Cryogenic Components Eric A. Silk


Mechanical Rob Boyle
ADR's Peter Shirron
Hybrid Mike DiPirro
Multi-Stage Radiative Mike DiPirro
Stored Cryogen Coolers, Including
  • Liquid Helium
  • Surface Tension Confined Liquids
  • Solid Cryogen Coolers
Eric A. Silk


Subject Contact Person
All Fluids Topics Eric A. Silk


That's all, folks! In particular,
We don't freeze people.
Try searching on "cryonics".

Names, Phones, Faxes, and Emails

  Fax number for all people listed: (301) 286-0389.
Mr. Robert Boyle(301) 286-7185 Robert dot F dot Boyle at nasa.gov
Dr. Eric A. Silk(301) 286-8205 Eric dot A dot Silk at nasa.gov
Dr. Michael DiPirro(301) 286-7310 Michael dot DiPirro at gsfc.nasa.gov
Dr. Peter Shirron(301) 286-7327 Peter dot J dot Shirron at nasa.gov

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Curator: Mark O. Kimball

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