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Test Dewars

Orlando Figueroa, Robert Boyle, Dan McHugh, Frank Paczkowski

COBE Instrument Test Dewar (ITD)

Picture of COBE Instrument Test Dewar. D

During the development program for the FIRAS and DIRBE instruments over 500 component and instrument level cryogenic tests were performed by the Code 713 (now Code 552) technicians Dan McHugh and Frank Paczkowski, with assistance from NSI, STX, and other contract technicians. A wide range of dewars and test apparatus were designed, produced, verified and maintained for the development, performance testing and structural verification of FIRAS and DIRBE. Test dewars such as the Instrument Test Dewar ( ITD), produced by Janis Research and procured and managed by Orlando Figueroa, Code 713 (now Code 700), and the 34 inch liquid nitrogen vibratable dewar, designed and managed by Robert Boyle, Code 713 (now Code 552), and fabricated by Janis Research, have paved the way for the design of special purpose dewars for the development of cryogenic payloads.

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Last Updated: 09/11/2014